Top Ten Reasons to go to Space

10. If we don’t get the pizzas to orbit in the next 30 minutes they’re free!

9. Outta ozone, outta oil, outta HERE!

8. A red sky matches my hair.

7. Planet living is so 20th.

6. People living on the Earth 6 billion, people living in space 3, you do the math.

5. Zero Gee ________, fill in the blank.

4. So “to boldly go” will mean more than a TV show.

3. I want to be the alien.

2. Have you seen my neighbors?


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6 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons to go to Space”

  1. daecje says:

    no gravity—no wrinkles

  2. Ralph says:

    I want to wear those funky suits !!!

  3. Mark Wakely says:

    It gives new meaning to “upwardly mobile”

    Why should astronauts have all the fun?

    This is what they really mean when they say, “There’s no where to go but up”

    The answer for question 5: Zero Gee for You and Me!

  4. Ralph Buttigieg says:

    1) Think of your worst enemy. Remember wherever you go on Earth you can only be about 20,000km away. Is that really far enough?

    2) Let’s see the Tax office audit you from deep space.



  5. mike fabio says:

    Because it’s there.

  6. Kez says:

    Because space aint just the final frontier…….. It’s just beginning :P