Pasta in Spaaaaaace….

Saturday was time for both a build session and the Sacramento L-5 Society Christmas party lunch. After a morning of Tandem work we trundled over to the Spaghetti Factory restaurant for the festivities. The L-5 Society bought lunch for the whole JPA crew. Thanks guys, it was wonderful!!!

After waddling back filled with pasta I didn’t think we would be very productive. The team surprised me with a hard push nearly till the next day.

Work continues on adding protective filter circuits on all the data lines on Tandem. Other work included making the container for the drogue parachute, mounting the motor sensor boards and adding a support cable behind the main parachute cannon.

Ed cutting
Ed making a foam vent panel

New Hat

Kevin showing off the new black hats. The hats were a mistake by the printer. They looked cool so we kept them anyway. There are three left if anyone wants one. Just add a note when you order at hat the rocket store that you want a black one.

One Response to “Pasta in Spaaaaaace….”

  1. Ralph says:

    Can I help in any way with the data cable problems?
    Are you using something like RS 485 or CAN Bus for the communication?