Blog changes

The blog was hacked big time. About 20 pages of hidden links to pharmacy companies were embedded in the background and headers. We’ll be making changes and doing upgrades over the next few days. You may notice some changes as we work through it all.

2 Responses to “Blog changes”

  1. dk says:

    Hey! How is it going.

    I was at the Elite Retreat last week and got hacked. Half of the links go to your site.

    Please read what happened when my blog got hacked at the Elite Retreat and comment on my blog.

    If you really got hacked, who were the links to? Did they add pages to your site as part of the hack?

    Maybe I have those extra pages too somehow?

    This is pretty hilarious!

    My blog about getting hacked is here,


  2. Administrator says:

    It looks like it happened on March 31. There are several extra hidden pages added including redirects and massive link lists. It appears to have hit thousands of wordpress blogs. WordPress says the upgrade will close the security hole. Yuk!