More Thrust to Electrons

We ran two more tests on with the Mini MHD generator today. The first one we tried a welders torch as a flame source. The idea was it could be a very clean and fast way to test the setup before using a rocket motor. It ended up providing very low power output and really overheating the generator. It took an hour to get the smell of burning seals out the shop.

The second firing tested a new electrode design and mounting technique. We’re finally getting smooth and consistent primary voltage.

5 Responses to “More Thrust to Electrons”

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  3. BalloonWhisperer says:

    Would different fuels give different power from the MHG?

  4. AshleyZ says:

    What do you use the electricity for and how much do you need?

  5. Administrator says:

    We need the power for boundary layer control. We think we know how much we need, but a lot more testing needs to be done before we can turn “we think” into we know.