Mach Glider Block 4

This one is about three years out.  The Block 4 Mach Glider is twenty feet long and will be driven by our quad rocket engine. It’s to be carried to 100,000 feet by the Tandem airship and fired to 160,ooo feet.

5 Responses to “Mach Glider Block 4”

  1. Frank Smith says:

    What is the purpose of this glider?
    How long will it stay near 160,000 feet?

  2. Administrator says:

    The glider will allow us to study an inflatable vehicle at trans sonic velocities in the near space environment. It’s the path finder for the orbital airship. 160,000 feet will be the peak of the flight. It will only be there a moment.

  3. This sounds awesome. So it reaches 100,000 feet, fires a rocket, and then will glide from 160,000 to the ground? Interesting project.

  4. Nydoc says:

    Wait, I’ll just do the math myself. Mach 4 at 160,000ft is about 3016 mph.

  5. Cameron says:

    Great render!