A day in the life

Just what we do on Saturdays.


2 Responses to “A day in the life”

  1. Balloon Whisperer says:

    Loved it….a day in the life at JP Aerospace…it looks like the elves have made many toys for lifting humanity off the humus. I especially want to work on the Ascender project. Maybe a new ascender toy for next year. Here’s wishing all at JP Aerospace a Happy and Productive Holiday Season!

  2. William L. Gibson says:

    I’ve been watching JP Aerospace’s progress for a little under a year now as I’ve been a long time supporter of the idea of safely floating cargo and passengers to LEO instead of using the costly and risky venues of other currently used methods. I’m impressed with the progress of your company and see much potential in what could be done with your work in the near future. I’m very interested to see where you go with the potential of this type of off-world delivery program.
    I own the company RFCINCo and with it I have been working on establishing a routine low-cost/low risk air-born minor assembly, launch and LEO payload/personnel delivery program that promises to deliver personnel and cargo to LEO on a weekly to even daily basis. I’ve been working on the “High Altitude Launch Program” for several years now in the effort of filling that most essential need of the future off-world habitation & commerce prospects to get off-world under financially sustainable means safely.
    This program includes a series of ground based delivery posts to lift components and personnel via balloon supported chassis to an air-born minor assembly and high altitude launch facility, several of those high altitude assembly/launch facilities and, a commercial LEO production and storage facility to make use of what has been sent to LEO using this system. I’ve been working on many other related projects for around 25 years now to provide a full cycle of off-world commercial production services in the effort to forward our species’ off-world endeavors under much safer and financially sustainable means.
    My interest in your company pertains to the potential of working with you to help develop the high altitude minor assembly and launching platform chassis and services. If your air-born facility can support the basic routine operations of capturing balloon lofted payload packages of bulk components, provide the required space and facilities to conduct minor assembly and launching of delivery chassis (with cargo) to LEO and maintain the required staffing and facilities to support those personnel I would like to discuss a potential partnership to provide those services through the private sector some time in the near future.
    Contact me through the provided email if you’re interested in learning more about RFCINCo’s HALP project and/or are interested in discussing this potential partnership.