The Big Printer

We got a large 3d printer for printing, well, large parts.

The gang assembled it and after test prints. It was ready to try something large. For the first big print we wanted to keep it simple. We printed a external battery box for the submarine.

We just finished the bottom section. It was a 150 hour continuous print run.

Now onto the lid. We have 4 printers now and they run pretty continuously making submarine and airship parts.

One Response to “The Big Printer”

  1. zeev kirsh says:

    Dear JP aerospace,

    I’ve been following you for over 10 years. this site keeps ticking away. i’m very impressed.
    Having studied the century old history of airships and much of the modern science of rocket science , space innovation, and also lighter than air innovation, .

    I think i was once intrigued with the rockoon concept, but now i am very very convinced airstations are the future but for totally different reasons.

    and you are on the right path, but for the wrong reasons , and you are making very very big mistakes in your technological approach for this reason.

    i would love to discuss joining with you , and working on building a patent portfolio for you, bringing on investors but for an entirely different set of lighter than air goals.

    I have an entire vision and it’s evolved over 12-13 years. I’ll key you into this, it is IMMOBILE , which is number one. you want a platform meant to stay in one place not to move, the reason is because it will be built to scale, has nothing to do with outerspace, and will be deployed all over the world. . and this changes everything about the vision, the technology, the methods by which you solicit grant and investor money and the ultimate purposes of your entire future ahead of you.

    i’m sure you’ve heard some of the ideas and goals before, but i think if you see the unique way in which it is put together you will realize that building things that go above the stratosphere is totally pointless for this vission and you have a ton more possibilities for that reason alone.

    please reach out!
    Also a great friend of mine is releasing a book about space industry innovation. I mentioned you to him 2 years ago when he was putting together a list of people to interview and he said no one would even be remotely intersted in reading about your tech. I tried then. but i’ve learned my lesson about space launching . rockoons are not a bad idea though, just not for orbital space or course…..
    212 586 7517