Ascender 26 CAD Drawings

I’ve been finishing up the CAD drawing of Ascender 26. The interior drawing aren’t complete yet but the outside is looking good. This shows the Ascender 26 in it’s first short flight to 1000 feet configuration.

2 Responses to “Ascender 26 CAD Drawings”

  1. Jeff Menager says:

    Looks Good!

    After all these years, I’d Love to see this fly!

    Any drawings available showing how the cross-member is tied into the overall internal structure? I’d predict that, depending upon the internal structure at the vertex of the “V”, torsional loading generated by oscillations between the two “arms” will put a very heavy strain on the cross-piece.

  2. Do the plans call for a fabric ‘wing’ between the arms of the ‘Vee’ so that it may act like a ‘kite’ when it manages to move forward a few knots?
    Kiting would provide the nice feature of a speedier rate of ascent to the DSS.
    *Everybody* ^UP!^