Introducing MiniCubes!

JPA stomping down the cost of space.  $320 your mission, your experiment, commercial project or competition entry or anything to the edge of space.


The MiniCube is small plastic box five cm on a side. On the base is a standard camera tripod mount. You put your project inside the cube and mail it to JP Aerospace. We carry it to the edge of space then send it back to you. MiniCubes can be used for research, commercial applications, art, inspiration or anything you can imagine. Run your own space program!

When you purchase a MiniCube you will get a MiniCube and a flight. After the flight your MiniCube will be returned to you along with a data sheet about the mission and a CD with images and video from the flight. MiniCube and flight comb is only $320.

MiniCube are the next step up from PongSats. PongSats are still going strong and are always free, but if you need more space, MiniCubes are the answer.

Next MiniCube flight is to 100,000 feet on high altitude balloon on September 22, 2012. There are twenty spaces available.

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  2. Steven D. says:

    Maximum 250 grams. 250 grams = 0.55 lbs
    $320 / 0.55 lbs = $580/lb
    Cost to space $580/lb!
    Okay, it’s not to orbit yet but it sure sounds good.