Ascender 100 Work

This is from the size check of the test rib two weeks ago. We just finished the second test rib. If it doesn’t rain we’ll be checking it’s fit this coming weekend.


6 Responses to “Ascender 100 Work”

  1. KK says:

    How do you guys plan to reach hypersonic speeds of Mach 25 to be able to dock with space stations with the third ship? Or is it just supposed to hover in orbit?

    I like all of the ideas… the Tandem, the Ascender, the DSS…

    For the third ship I’m assuming that it has some sort of shield covering in order to protect it from extreme temperatures and small meteorites off in space…
    If this is the case then when you say that it can’t be built on the Earth Surface? Does this imply that the ship would suffer from moving uncontrollably due to gasses… or would it suffer from implosion or an explosion of some sort?

  2. Balloon Whisperer says:

    The music and the editing really make this informative view delightful!

  3. sanman says:

    I wanted to make a suggestion. I think that instead of considering an orbital spacecraft, JP Aerospace should instead consider fielding a high-altitude telescope. There’s a lot of interest in planet-finding these days, and so perhaps there’s a future in lofting up telescopes by balloon, as a sort of Poor Man’s Hubble.

  4. Mike Puckett says:


    A suggestion:

    Paint your logo writ large on the bottom so some spud farmer does not think it is a UFO.

  5. Steve says:

    You’ve got a typo in the video.

    The opening caption says “make” instead of “made”.

    Otherwise cool. Would love to see more vids.

  6. Grant says:


    I think not instead, but on the way to orbital capabilities make high altitude observer. I have always thought that in addition to orbital capabilities, this concept has a lot of uses suborbitally. I mean if you can get things to orbit for pennies a pound, you can also move it from landing strip to landing strip for pennies a pound. Also the other US space program likes to put atmospheric sensors on high altitude platforms, if there is philisophical problem with taking missions from NASA.

    I enjoy watching the progres by way of the blog.