May PongSat Mission Rescheduled

I  hope this note finds you well and persevering.

With the Pandemic hitting hard in our area we have been shut down, except for mask production, for the last two months. We have heard from teachers that were going to fly with us on the May PongSat mission. For most their schools are closed & won’t be able to participate.

This leads to two things.

One: We are rescheduling the Away 130 PongSat flight to late June.

Two: Everyone flies.

If you can’t get your PongSats to us before then for any reason we will fly your PongSats whenever you are ready. In addition to the June flight we are planning late summer and fall flights (and next spring). If you have a few ready now and need to do the rest later that’s OK too. Whatever way you need to make it work will be OK. Everybody flies.

Take care,


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