Life Support System Test

Big test tomorrow.

We will be conducting the first fully closed life support test in the submarine. There’s about an hour of checklists then the hatch will be closed on yours truly. We’ll be monitoring CO2, Cabin O2 percentage, pressure, temperature, O2 tank pressure, humidity, and on me blood O2 levels and pulse. It’s a completely closed system.

The goal is one hour for this first test, but really after the first 15 minutes we’ll see how the scrubber and O2 replenishment system are balancing and we’ll likely need to open up and adjust. The submarine is the test bed but we will be using the same system for our airships and spacecraft. The big risk is not too little oxygen but too much. Too much O2 is a fire hazard. To keep that from happening we directly measure the O2 levels. Also any cabin pressure increase would indicate to increased O2 level (a drop in cabin pressure is a hints of a problem with the carbon cycle). Also the team will be standing by to get me out.

It’s going to be fun to breathing on air that we made.

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