Bad Channels and Bad Batteries

We’ve completed MHD Generator firings 10 , 11 and 12. Before we fire we’ll  run a volt through the entire system as a control. There obviously was a short somewhere. I spent 40 minutes in violation of my own rule of troubleshooting. Always check power first. The battery I was using as a voltage source was dead out of the package. However in the all the troubleshooting we discover a channel dead on the A/D converter on the data logger.

After all that test run 10 was still a bust. We ran test 11 old school. Straight on a meter. That showed us what was wrong. Today with the fix in place we fired test 12 with great results.  We’re going to fired it again in the same configuration to verify the results. Then we’re moving to the next electrode upgrade and we start all over again.

From test 11

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