Away 132 Update

December 7th, 2021

Away 132 is in the hangar at the launch site ready to fly. We’re just waiting on a weather window.

Inspecting the Ascender 9 Airship with a Drone.

December 5th, 2021
Our airships are so big we use drones to inspect them.
This video is a quick pass above the top of the Ascender 9 Vee Airship.

Talking to the Submarine Video

November 24th, 2021
Bellavia is a shallow diving artificial intelligence submarine. Bella a test bed for Life support, systems integration and the AI – human interface. I run through a few commands so you can get the feel of what’s it’s like to interact with her. The submarine uses windows voice macros, Arduinos, C#, deep learning and old style expert system in its architecture. It seems an odd fit however the submarine is a key development tool and test bed for our Airship to Orbit program. She already shares code and systems with our high altitude airships.

Tandem Airship Video

November 24th, 2021
From the live feed of the Tandem airship fighting through some wild chop to reach the edge of space.

Ascender 9 Walk Around Video

July 29th, 2021
UFO, aliens, just what is in the hanger? New Video: This is a walk around look at the Ascender 9 high altitude airship while floating in the hanger undergoing tests. What’s in your hanger?

Away 131 Mission Bump

July 29th, 2021

Mission delay. Away 131 flight to 100,000 feet just got bumped due to weather. The forecast is showing cloud cover above (way above) legal mins. The fire just south of the flight area sending off pyrocumulus clouds and extreme wind events isn’t helping.

No Wings for Wally?

July 27th, 2021
I don’t do opinion pieces. However, something has got to me & I’m making an exception. The FAA has changed it’s rules about who gets to be called an astronaut on the same day that Wally Funk flew to space denying them all wings. This is petty.