Truss to Air Beam

We’re changing the internal structure of our airships from carbon trusses to air beams. 20 pounds per 100 feet just isn’t light enough.

One Response to “Truss to Air Beam”

  1. Hello JP Aerospace team,

    I was recently introduced to your work through a video by Isaac Arthur called “Sky Platforms”. He is a fantastic youtuber, and I feel like it would be beneficial to talk with him. Hopefully he would be interested in an interview.

    As for your work, I am very hopeful and amazed with the out of the box thinking. I have read your book “Floating to Space” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I do have a question though: how has the work of SpaceX and Blue Origin affected your publicity and vision, seeing as you offer much cheaper launch costs, but more development?

    I don’t use facebook.

    Hope to see you taking to orbit in the Orbital Ascender!