Highest Airship in the World!

Saturday Tandem soared to 95,085 feet.  She flew perfect. We fired up the propellers and drove her around then softly touched down three hours later.

16 Responses to “Highest Airship in the World!”

  1. Brad Heisler says:


    Congratulations to you and the team.

  2. Brad Heisler says:

    It’s interesting how the balloons are so much larger in the last two images. Also, light refraction through the balloons actually softens the otherwise harsh shadows at that altitude.

  3. Innovacer says:

    Love to see it! Great work JP and team :D

  4. Jeff Menager says:

    I’ll bet there are a lot of red, embarrassed, faces at a few “major” aerospace firms; those who said it “couldn’t be done”. Not even for a Billion bucks!

    JP, I hope you had an easier time pulling your socks on; It was obviously worth it!

  5. Jeff Menager says:

    Somebody should contact the Guiness World Record people. Is there an “Airship” category?

  6. How much mass are you lifting? Thanks.

  7. Steve says:

    Wow! Congratulations!
    Straight out of a Jules Verne novel.

  8. lbparker says:

    Congratulations to the entire team. Another step forward!

  9. blumunky says:

    Amazing! Great work! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  10. Administrator says:

    80 lbs all up weight

  11. reader says:

    but .. but .. do you have the GPS serial log confirming the altitude ??? ;)

  12. Administrator says:

    We have two :)

  13. ray smith says:

    kudus, I’d like to ask you offline about the paperwork, mostly if was basic here we go notification or if they make ya do extra stuff…..hit my addy if you please.

  14. Ed says:

    Well done, team! Sorry I missed this one.

  15. Congratulations on a job well done.

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