Propeller Balancing

Before driving Tandem at the edge of space the propellers need to be balanced.  After balancing them with little pieces of tape I pull off and weight the tape. Then I weight out epoxy and use a syringe to eject it into the hollow tip of the blade. The blades are hollow carbon/Kevlar blades we make ourselves.  One prop set took 2.3 grams of epoxy and the other was way off and took 5.4 grams.

3 Responses to “Propeller Balancing”

  1. blumunky says:

    Are you going to release any pongsats or rockets during 126?

  2. Karl Hallowell says:

    blumunky, not= rockets were on these two missions. And JP Aerospace attempts to recover all pongsats (which remain attached to the vehicle during the whole flight) after the mission and return them to the respective schools.

  3. Karl Hallowell says:

    er, “not=” should be “no”. Sorry about that typo.