Do the Twist , the Tango and the Astronaut Roll


5 Responses to “Do the Twist , the Tango and the Astronaut Roll”

  1. Brad Heisler says:

    Maybe a little music for our dancing astronaut?…When you need a break from working on Tandem.

    Seriously, it seems the video has a little sound on it and you can hear the balloon burst. I guess there is enough air at 100K feet for sound (and for propellers too).

  2. Steve says:

    That astronaut was fixed pretty rigidly relative to the camera. You guys must have sacrificed some weight for some aluminium channels or something to get that level of stiffness.

  3. SCH Thurston says:

    That is way cool. You’d think Samsung could make an entire ad out of just that clip. All it needs is a witty punch line.

  4. SCH Thurston says:

    Ok, so wait until the balloon has burst (keep the sound) and wait til the little astronaut is cartwheeling towards earth, then run the (well-known) intro to a suitable piece of music (mix it over the top of the rushing wind) and finish with a witty punch line. One mega ad.

  5. Balloon Whisperer says:

    Is that a carbon pole strut being reflected off the face of the phone near the very end of the video?