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Away 38  Balloon Burst Camera 2

Away 38 carried seven cameras. Three of them were high definition video. The great thing about HD video cameras is 
that you can grab reasonable quality still images. You can see things in the frames that you miss watching the video.  
This camera was looking horizontal across the vehicle. It also was getting dazzled out by the brightness of the Earth.

Here are some frames from the video.

The moment of balloon burst  Balloon fragments  roll at the edge of space
Burst and roll

Parachute deployment  Parachute lines  Earth in focus
        Parachute deployment.

Pyramid lake     Incoming!   Below the ridgeline    

100 above the ground   Ten feet above the ground   Moment of landing     
Nice road side landing.                                           Ten feet above the ground.                                   Moment of touchdown.

Waiting for the recovery team                                              
All that's left is to wait for the recovery crew.

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