Your ad at the edge of space

Customer logo at the edge of space

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Creates impact!

Gives customers a lasting impression of your logo or message!

Provides a dramatic image for your company's press releases, corporate reports and web site!

Or use for yourself...great for greetings from the edge of space!

You mail or e-mail us your logo or message. We fly a high altitude balloon, carrying your ad, to the edge of space. We take hundreds pictures of your logo and return the vehicle to Earth by parachute. The images are given back to you on CD, along with some prints, for your use.

Ad prices start at $400. We're making this special offer in support of our PongSat education program. Thousands of student experiments flying with us every year.

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Boring Legal Stuff:

The top image shown here is the 4x8 inch ad.

As with all frontier-forging activities, there is always the chance of loss of the vehicle, or equipment malfunction of the cameras. At a minimum, pictures will be taken of the vehicle with logos before liftoff and will appear on our web site for both JP Aerospace and PongSats. Full recognition will be given on our web site and other materials to participants.

Contact info:
John Powell
(916) 858-0185

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